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We will see another day of sunshine and clouds today. A weak front, which will not influence our weather very much, however, will bring us slightly less sunshine than yesterday. There may also be occasional scattered showers.


Tomorrow, the weather fronts will have cleared. After the dissipation of the cloudy remnants, the weather will be quite pleasant overall. The next days won’t bring any significant changes yet. The weather will remain changeable with dropping temperatures.


Mountain biking is a relatively young sport that still has to find its place among the alpine community. Please help us achieve this by showing understanding and respect for every nature lover and athlete, and be a shining example for our beloved sport. The other bikers, walkers, nature lovers, hunters, farmers and residents will be grateful for it.

Whether you're touring on the cycle way, racing on the street or mountain biking on a single trail or agricultural land, thoughtful bikers and cyclists behave respectfully to other users. Togetherness on paths and streets is a matter of course for many mountain bikers and cyclists around the world and, in Bike City, we show respect to others around us. Only with respect can we enjoy a pleasant and courteous cycling experience.

Of course, consideration and respect must also be shown to walkers: stay on designated trails, and no wild biking in forests or animal retreat areas. All closed roads (e.g., forestry work) should be respected, and downhill racing as a speed-oriented, competitive  sport should only be attempted on the designated trails.

Biking rules at Innsbruck BikePark

  • Warning! Biking at your own risk. Check your speed and be careful.
  • Be considerate towards walkers, livestock and game. Don't leave the routes, and close all gates.
  • Be aware of alpine dangers!
  • Leave nothing behind! Shortcuts and locked back wheels destroy the trails.
  • Emergency numbers: 140 and 112

Bikepark Innsbruck
Nockhofweg 40, A-6162 Mutters
Tel. +43 512 / 54 83 30

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